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Jump Up Media cold call con

Please report any problems with this company to Manchester Citizen's Advice on tel 08454 04 05 06 (9am to 5pm) (8.45am to 5pm) and they will refer it onto Manchester Trading Standards.


I have added this paragraph after this mater has been successfully resolved  as it is important you know this before reading the rest.  All the following paragraphs were added shortly after each event. Jump Up Media t/a Talking Fast Ltd may well be a genuine company, I cannot prove otherwise.  However my involvement with them left a lot to be desired.  If you do get involved with this company I would advise you to take the following precautions;
  • Don't agree to pay any money on the first call.
  • Make a note of the names of everyone you speak to and document it.
  • Make sure they send you detailed information of the service they will supply you with including a complete list of the key phrases that will be used either in writing or via e-mail BEFORE you pay them any money.   Credit card companies won't do anything unless you can provide written proof.
  • Shop around and check out Google's other authorised partners under Google adwords. 
Please Note: I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any of the third party comments on this blog.
    The Story from the beginning

    I don't normally buy anything from cold callers full stop but today I got caught.  I had been looking for ways to further advertise my Pet Portrait Service and had had friends recommend giving Google a try on several occasions but I had always dismissed the idea.  Today I got called by someone who I shall refer to as 'CJ', who said he was calling on behalf of Google.  He was offering top ranking for my web site for a period of 31 days for 5 key word phrases for just £99.  He seemed to know a bit about my web site and made it sound very convincing.  What he was selling;
    • I was told that within 48 hours my web site would be placed at the top of a Google search page for my 5 key phrases and if it didn't I could get my money back.  
    • I would be able to change those key phrases at any time for free should I wish.  
    • He also assured me that he would be my personal Google account manager and I could ring him at any time should I have a question or problem. 
    • After the 31 days if I wanted to continue I would just need to let them know but it would not automatically renew.
    • All for just £99.  (I wasn't too convinced about the 'just' as it seemed a lot of money for a month but he pointed out I should easily be able to recoup that amount by increased sales.)
    Against my better judgement I decided to give it a go.  It then transpired he was not from Google itself but a company called Jump Up Media t/a Talkingfast LTD a Google Certified Partner.  I checked out their web site which initially seemed genuine enough and even checked that their company was registered with Companies House which it had been for a couple of years.  He said he needed to take payment over the phone but that I would get an invoice e-mailed to me with all the details straight after the call. I agreed to pay by credit card where-upon the price automatically went up by £10 to pay for 'Google inclusion'.  I told him "you said it would be just £99" and he replied that this was a one off free that Google make and he had already explained that to me.  I told him he hadn't said anything about that and as he was now producing extra hidden fees I didn't want anything to do with this and wanted to cancel the whole thing.  He spoke to his manager and they agreed to wave the £10.
    I went ahead with the purchase.  How stupid is that???

    After nearly 2 hours I had not been e-mailed an invoice as promised so I phoned the Jump Up Media back but was told 'CJ' was on the phone so I asked the person about the invoice.  I was told that 'CJ' should not have told my t would be sent straight away as it can take up to 2-3 days but she agreed to get one sent out today.  When it arrived the £99 had gone up to £118.80 as vat had been included.  There had been no mention of vat during my conversation with 'CJ' and I had taken "just £99" to mean just that.  I am not vat registered so cannot claim that back. 

    I got back on the phone to Jump Up Media but once again 'CJ' was not available.  I voiced my concern and was put through to someone I shall refer to as 'AW' in customer services.  I told him I wanted to pull out of the whole deal and get a refund.  He said he could not do that and I should have expected them to charge vat on top of the price quoted but he would listen to the tape and if it was the case that vat had not been mentioned he would, "as a gesture of goodwill" refund my vat.  He promised to get back to my by 5pm tonight.  He also said that for future months I would only be charged £99 inclusive of vat should I decide to stay with them.  I told him there was no chance of that.

    Jump Up Media may well be a genuine company and my site might get top ranking for 31 days but if that is the case why do they need to employ such sharp selling techniques?  Unfortunately there is no way of contacting Google in the UK to confirm their credentials as Google don't supply a contact e-mail or phone number.  Google do supply a postal address in London but by the time my letter had found it's way to the correct department and I had received a reply my 31 day period would probably be almost up.  It remains to be seen if I do get my vat back but I will let you know either way.   In the mean time, if you do get contacted by Jump Up Media steer well clear.


    17:30hrs - No call came from Jump Up Media so I contacted my credit card company.  I was informed that as the transaction had not fully been processed onto my account they could not do anything at this stage but I should call them back in 3 days time.  By then the details of the transaction should be on my account and I can report it to their complaints team for investigation.  He told me that I had a case as I only authorised a withdrawal of £99 and they took more.  He said any hidden charges should have been made clear no matter what they were for.  If I don't get any satisfaction from Jump Up Media before hand I will contact the credit card company back on Friday.  Watch this space for updates.


    Wednesday 20th July - Still nothing heard from Jump Up Media so I rang them again this morning about 10:30.  I asked to speak to 'AW' but was told he was on a call but that he would call me back straight afterwards.

    15:30 - Still no call back from 'AW' so I phoned again.  He was apparently still on the phone but I was invited to hold if I wished.  I said I would but when no one got back to me after 25 minutes I hung up and rang again.  I spoke to the same lady receptionist who said she was sitting next to 'AW' and he was still on the same call.  She said she would pass the message on to phone me back as soon as he finished his call which she expected to be in the next 10 minutes.

    No phone call came!


    Thursday 21st July - Well it's been over 48 hours now so my web site should now be coming up at the top of any Google UK search  for each of my key phrases, but it's not even appearing on the first page for any of them!  'CJ' did say if this happened I would get a full refund.  I phoned Jump Up Media and spoke to the same receptionist again who's name I now know and will refer to as 'B'.  She told me 'CJ' was unavailable as he was on the phone.  I explained to her that he told me when he convinced me to sign up with Jump Up Media that he would be my personal Google account manager and I could phone him if ever I had a problem.  She said that as he is in sales he is always on the phone so very difficult to get hold of.  I then explained that it had been over 48 hours and my site was not top of any Google UK page.  'B' said she would have to discuss the matter with tech support and would get back to me by the close of play today.

    In the mean time I have gone through Jump Up Media's terms of service that they sent me.  It states there that they will renew the service each month unless I write to them giving them 30 days notice!  This is contrary to what I was told on the phone before I agreed to the service.

    I have now written a letter to the company pointing out that they are in breach of contract on the 48 hour front and demanding my money back as promised.  I have also informed them I will not be renewing so they are not authorised to take any more money out of my account.  Letter to sent by recorded delivery very shortly.  I am also writing to my credit card company to keep them fully appraised.

    Result!...tentative :-)
    14:55 hrs 'B' phone back (well that was a result in itself).  She told me that the reason my site had not gone live was because 'AW' asked the tech team to put a hold on it as he was investigating the possibility of refunding my money in full.  She then said that she could confirm a full refund would be available if that is what I want but it would need to be via a cheque.  I asked why it couldn't simply be put back on my credit card but she said they did not have that facility.  I accepted the refund via cheque.  She told me it would be put in the post either by end of play today or first thing tomorrow morning.  I thanked her for her help.  Of course, I won't fully believe it until it is in my hands but at least I feel I am getting somewhere.  In the mean time the letters have gone out to Jump Up Media and my credit card company as stated above and I was in the process of composing a letter to Google UK but I'll put a hold on that one for the time being.


    Friday 22nd July - contacted my credit card company again to appraise them of the current situation and to see if my letter had arrived. They did not yet have my letter but would open the case in the mean time.  They would be in contact with me once the letter arrives to see where to take it from there and check to see if Jump Up Media did indeed send the cheque.  They also told me there was nothing to stop Jump Up Media refunding the money back onto the credit card.

    I have just searched Google for Google Certified Partners, which Jump Up Media claim to be as shown on their web site, but Google returned no results for Jump Up Media or for their t/a name of Talkingfast Ltd.   This is where I searched https://adwords.google.com/professionals/search/
     You might like to try it yourself.

    This is looking more and more like Jump Up Media t/a Talkingfast LTD might be a spoof company.


    Saturday morning  - a cheque arrives from Jump Up Media!...the cheque has been written out incorrectly.  The cheque is written for £118.80 in words but the figure in the box is £118.00.  There is a covering letter with it from a person I shall refer to as 'RM' from the Retentions Department. The letter doesn't say much other than to say there is a cheque enclosed for £118.80.  I took this and the cheque to the bank but they won't accept the cheque even for £118 and told me I'd have to get back in contact with the company to ask them to send out a new one.  This could be a genuine mistake but I think this was probably deliberate as a stalling method, after all, there was no reason for them not to simply put the money back on my credit card.

    Looking closer at their web site this company is looking more and more like a fake.  The testimonials page has 3 testimonials with the clients name and web address.  The first testimonial was by a Mr Akay Arnold for a Pan-Asian restaurant in Manchester but the phone number on the web site is not in use so I can't check that one out. There is a e-mail address for Akay but as Jump Up Media also build web sites this restaurant web site might also be fake along with any e-mail addresses.  The second is for The Amblehurst Hotel, also in Manchester and the person leaving the testimonial was Mr A Hussain.  I phoned the hotel, they had never heard of this person but there was no one there to confirm if their hotel had had any dealing with Jump Up Media and suggested I phone back on Monday.  The last was from a Mrs N Dean - B Inspired, a chocolate company but their web site simply doesn't exist.  Draw your own conclusions.


    Monday 25th July 2011 09:04 - Phoned Jump Up Media again and spoke to 'B'.  She is actually 'RM' the  person who sent the letter and cheque.  I pointed out the mistake and she said she would have to get in touch with her manager 'R' as he signed the cheque and would have to write another.  I cannot read the signature on the cheque so I'd just have to take his word for it.  I told her that the credit card company said there is no reason to prevent you simply refunding the money back onto my card.  She said she didn't know why they didn't do that but they never had.  she said she would mention this to 'R' when he came in but he was not in the office yet.  I asked her to get him to call me if he was unable to refund the money back onto my card.

    09:20 - Phoned my credit card company but the charge back department were not open yet.  The lady I spoke to said my letter was still not on my account either although the notes were.  She said if the letter had been posted on Thursday it probably would not get entered onto my account until Tuesday so I should ring back then.  I explained to her the events over the weekend and she advised me to photocopy the letter and cheque and send that into them as this provides stronger proof for the claim, she would update the account accordingly.

    14:25hrs - Still not been phoned back by Jump Up Media so I rang again and spoke to 'RM'.  She said that 'R' had still not been into the office or answered any of his calls but she had left a message on his mobile for him to ring her about this.  She said that she would keep trying but that if she did not hear from him by 3 o'clock she would try and get another manager involved.

    16:00 hrs - I phoned Jump Up Media again and spoke to 'RM'.  She said that 'R' had still not turned up but she was expecting him in soon.  She then said she would make some enquiries in the accounts dept and put me on hold.  When she came back to me she said that 'R' wasn't back you but the dept had already issued another cheque and posted it to me.  I said I was not happy with that as I wanted it put back onto my card.  She apologised and said she had told them that.  I voiced my concerns over the testimonials not checking out and the fact that Google didn't seem to have any record of their company being a Google Certified Partner.  She insisted the company was legit and if I wished I could be put through to a manager to have that confirmed.  I could not see much point in that.  She also told me the web site was in the process of being rebuilt so many of the links were disabled.


    Wednesday 27th July  - I am now in possession of a second cheque with covering letter.  This time it looks OK, it remains to be seen if it gets cleared.  Funnily enough, despite being told that 'R' was not available and this cheque had been issued by someone else in the accounts department also without 'RM's' knowledge, the cheque was signed by the same person who signed the original and the letter was apparently from 'RM'.  Things still don't really add up but as long as this cheque clears I'll be happy.  If I get it paid in today it will still be at least a week before I know for sure.  I will update this blog accordingly either way.


    Friday 8th August - The bank has now had 7 working days to clear this cheque and it is appearing OK on-line so I guess that means it's gone through OK.   Looks like they delivered on their promise after all but just had a strange way of going about it.  Not sure I would have got the same result if I hadn't put up a fight though.


    Tuesday 6th September - At 12:52 today I was contacted by phone by Andrew Pearson, Operations manager of Jump Up Media.  He was concerned about the catalogue of problems I had had with the company and wanted to assure me they were doing all they could to improve their performance so this would never happen again.  He told me that B had been sent on a training course, another employee had been 'let go' and AW had been given a talking to.  I told him that out of all of them 'B' seemed to be the most genuine and was the only person to return any calls and appeared to do her best to try and sort things out but that she was in the difficult position of being stuck in the middle.  Andrew Pearson then asked me what measures I thought the company should take to improve the service they offer.  I mentioned a list;

    1. They should always return calls when promised.  He said this was being addressed in a training course.
    2. Customers that are cold called should not be expected to have to give out their credit card details straight away but should be given time to think about it and research their key phrases.  He said it was difficult as they needed to get things under-way quickly as only one business of any one type would be called at a time so that there would not be more than one business chasing the same top spot.  He did say that they would probably be able to allow a customer a few hours to think it over and then call them back before the end of the day.  That at least would be an improvement.
    3. All charges should be made clear before people are asked to sign up. He agreed with me on this and said that would be resolved.
    4. A contract or letter of agreement should be e-mailed to the customer including the chosen key phrases before they are asked to pay.  He said that the full terms of service were on their web site (I can't find them but then maybe I'm not looking in the right place) and they could not give the key phrases as the customer might just take them away and use them without buying their service.  I said this didn't hold water because you have already verbally agreed these key phrases on the phone so they could still do that so putting it in writing would not make any difference to that.  He then said that the other reason was because they could not guarantee the chosen key phrases would be available although 99% of the time they would be, but that if they were not they might have to substitute.  I pointed out that this would mean the customer would not know what they were paying for then, so he replied by saying they could change them if they were not happy of we could issue them a credit note.  I said in such instance you should offer them a full refund.
    5. Refunds should be put back on the credit card.  He said they didn't do that because it would often take up to 10 days for the funds to be clear that way but they were looking at offering a direct bank transfer.  I said you should let the customer decide and if they want it put back on their card you should agree to do that.
    6. The references on their web site don't currently check out.  He said the web site has been rebuilt but they are awaiting authorisation before it can go live.  Funny, I was told that 2 months ago!  Later in the conversation I said it would not take an afternoon simply to re-write the out of date testimonials on the current web site and replace them with current genuine ones.  He agreed that would be done today.  Worth checking.

    Andrew Pearson then went on to say that all these points would be raised with the intention of putting them into a re-training course and asked me if they were put in place if I would think it would improve their service. 
    I said if all those points were put into place the service would be phenomenally better.
    He then went on to say that my blog was causing them a problem and losing them custom and would I mind taking it down seeing as how he had promised to address all these issued. 
    I said that would be entirely at my discretion and I had no plans to do so.
    He went on to say that my case was a one off, that it was not simply one error but a whole catalogue of errors and as such would not happen again.  I asked him what he intended to do about all the other people that have had or are having problems with Jump Up Media and he promised that he would sort it all out if they contact him. 
    He said he thought my blog presented an unbalanced view of their service and that there was no other bad publicity or comments on the internet about Jump Up Media. He also said that people never write articles to say how good a service they get from companies.  I agreed that it generally is only when someone want to complain that they are prepared to write about it but that they themselves were not helping there as their current testimonials on the Jump Up Media web site did not check out.  This is when he agreed to have them updated by the end of the day.
    He asked me what else he could say that would convince me to remove this blog.
    I replied "Actions speak louder than words"
    He agreed.

    but said that Google had been in contact with them as they were concerned that one of their partners was being seen in this bad light and had told them they should get me to remove this blog.  He also said that "this is not a threat but it had been suggested they take legal action but I said it would be better if I just talk to you". 
    I pointed out that I had just noted the facts and there was nothing slanderous in anything I have said.  Naturally I can't vouch for the authenticity of other peoples comments. I also said that if I did not get any more people commenting on my blog to say they had either bad dealings or had felt they were being trapped by a cold caller from this company then I would assume that things had been put right after a while and remove it but that would take time.
    He spent ages trying to convince me to remove this blog giving me 7 days to do so after which they would have to look at other means.  The conversation eventually ended with no agreement by me.


    Latest Update
    Monday 16th July 2014  I have just been in contact with Manchester citizen's advice bureau.  You have to go through them in order to be put in touch with their trading Standards dept.  They have advised me to encourage as many people as possible to contact them if they are having difficulties with Jump Up Media or Trading Fast Ltd on tel 08454 040506. I informed her that several people had already been in touch but she could not give me any information on what was being done.  She gave me an address to write to to see if I can get any details under the Freedom of Information Act which I shall do.  I will post any response I get in due course.

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    Blogger Sally T said...

    Hi Richard

    I have to moderate all comments to weed out spam adverts or people who just want to be rude about anything. Sorry this has caused you annoyance.

    9 December 2013 at 19:40  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    I got this e-mail from a guy called David -

    "Sally, tried to put this on the blog but the I'm Not A Robot thing didn't seem to allow me in. David

    Hello, Sally

    I'm unemployed, and when I see a job with a company I'm unfamiliar with, and notwithstanding pressures applied by Jobcentre Plus, I try to check them out. After all, it's my personal information not JCP's. Anyhow, that's how I stumbled across your blog. The link to the job is below....doesn't mean anything one way or the other, vis-a-vis the problems people have been having, but thought you might like a look.

    Incidentally, it strikes me that the reason this guy Andrew 'phoned you was so that he could wheedle his way around to making a veiled threat about legal action. Despite his statement to the contrary, it's clear to me that that's what he was saying: take down your blog or we'll take legal action.


    12 December 2013 at 18:25  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Hi David

    Andrew did threaten me with legal action. But as an ex-copper I'm not so easily intimidated by such things. thankfully.

    12 December 2013 at 18:26  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Have just been scammed by Jump Up Media ie Talking Fast Ltd. I agreed to 6 months of search optimisation, then today got a call demanding £140 for a further 6 months as I hadn't cancelled a self-renewing contract. When I refused to pay, they said they would add interest and take me to court - very distressing.

    11 March 2014 at 11:58  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Hi Anonymous
    Sorry to hear you have been conned but don't be tempted to pay any more. I can't imagine them ever taking anyone to court. Of course, you might want to seek legal advice on this but scammers rarely want to put their heads above the parapet.

    11 March 2014 at 14:15  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just had several horrendous phone calls from this company...I was called rude despite not being permitted to speak, I had to hang up the phone, I was immediately called again and harranged..this happened several times (8 calls in 20 min) My husband took over the calls and he was asked "are you the husband of that rude woman?" AVOID THIS so called COMPANY

    22 March 2014 at 00:08  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    I notice there are a few of you non English speaking contributors, that seem to think Jump up Media do a good job and you criticise me for posting this blog. Well, all I can say is that I am happy for you that you are getting satisfaction but if they are such a good company, why are they so difficult to get away from? If they were a decent company they would have no problem with letting customers go once they had had enough and they would allow a 'cooling off' period where by you could change your mind and leave with a full refund. That is how a genuine company normally works.

    9 April 2014 at 08:29  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Je note il y a quelques uns de vous les contribuants non-anglophones, cela semblent penser que le saut vers le haut des medias réalisent un bon travail et vous me critiquez pour signaler ce blog. Bien, tout que je peux dire est que je suis une si bonne compagnie, pourquoi il est-les si difficile obtenir à partir de ? S'ils étaient une compagnie décente ils n'auraient aucun problème avec laisser des clients partir une fois ils avaient eu asse'et ils permettraient « refroidir » la a pu changer d'avis et partir avec un remboursement complet. C'est comment une compagnie véritable travaille normalement.

    9 April 2014 at 08:31  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Noto hay algunos de usted los contribuidores no anglófonos, ése parece pensar que el salto encima de media hace un buen trabajo y usted me critica para fijar este blog. Bien, todo lo que puedo decir es que soy feliz para usted ¿una tan buena compañía, por qué son tan difíciles de conseguir lejos de si fueran una compañía decente no tendrían ningún problema con dejar a clientes ir una vez ellos habían tenido bastantes y permitirían “calmar” el período donde por podía cambiar su mente e irse con un reembolso completo. Ése es cómo una compañía auténtica trabaja normalmente.

    9 April 2014 at 08:33  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ive just had a problem with this company...Hi Everyone. What a day. I want to tell you of a company called Jumpup media Based in Manchester. They sell front page links for Google.
    They are the worst company on the planet who offer what I call aggressive approach marketing.
    I took an ad up with them and agreed one month for an aunt. 3 months on I got a call asking for £118 for a ad. I said I owe nothing and the ad should of finished one month after, The man got really arrogant and persisted calling till I told him where to get off. Later the sales manager called me and said the man had been reprimanded and still asked for money.
    He told me I agreed to contract and that they would automatically take monthly until I said otherwise. I asked him to get the first recorded deal over the phone. He said they didn't have it. I then said U didn't email me regarding ad. He said he did and then it was confirmed by me he'd sent to a wrong email. He agreed and then said well they don't have to anyway... I then said where is the letter that was sent. He said it was sent to the address in Gloucester. I said really why there when I live on the isle of Wight..I told him he would be paid but I will release this information to every business i know so to black list the company. The ad was 120 I paid 360.. 2 months taken...What a bad company policy. They are targeting Island companies for business. Damieon PS If you would like to leave a message for them...We don't Like Aggressive trading companies then great
    Jump Up Media
    Clarenden House, Mosley St
    M2 3LQ 0161 973 7979 also 020 7183 2430
    email lewis@jumpupmedia.co.uk
    There sale pitch wording.....Let us help jump up The search engine ranking, They forgot the end bit "and empty your bank account quick"

    14 May 2014 at 22:49  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Make sure you contact your bank or credit card company to tell them not to release any more funds to Jump up media.

    14 May 2014 at 23:56  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi, They are still at it, and duped my dad last week, reading through your blog its word for word what we have experienced without the refund at the end, they claim he was verbally told by 'Calum' that no refunds would ever be given and they have a recording to prove this, however, when I raised that I would like to hear this recording as it would also prove how mis-sold the package was, I was told there would be a £50 admin fee, taken directly from my dads debit card, with or WITHOUT his permission!!!!
    I am currently seeking legal advise and will be contacting every single person who have made complaints to see if we can should join together and sue this company for every single £118 its taken through mis-selling.

    15 May 2014 at 12:52  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jump Up Media are still up to their old tricks. I was told my website would be on google 1st page with key phrases. I have been in touch over the phone and email asking them to cancel and wanted my money back. They said I have entered into a verbal agreement and would not be getting it back. I asked what my key phrases were, they told me to email my Account manager, which I have done. I am awaiting a reply.
    Also I was told at the beginning at the conversation it would be £99, since then they have charged me £130.80 including VAT. I was also told I would be inundated with customers wanting my caravan within a few days. I have had nothing and I cannot find it on the google where I would expect it to be.

    15 May 2014 at 15:54  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Well if you do I am happy to help in whichever way I can. Sadly, most people who have left comments here have done so anonymously so I have no way of contacting them.
    Do make sure your dad contacts his credit card company and tells them not to allow any more transactions to go through on his card from this company. That way they won't be able to follow up on their threats no matter what.

    15 May 2014 at 16:17  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Your style is very unique compared to other folks I have read
    stuff from. Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I'll just book mark this
    web site ().

    3 July 2014 at 09:15  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Thank you :-)

    3 July 2014 at 14:33  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I have just had the hard sell from this company. When I asked for time to investigate the company the salesman got quite indignant and insisted I go on line immediately so he could show me what I needed to know. Which kinda defeats the purpose of me investigating things myself.
    He insisted on pushing the hard sell even when I told him I could not go on line, asking me why I could not do so. This was despite me being a driving instructor and not habitually at a desk.

    29 July 2014 at 18:26  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I have the unfortunate distinction of living at the address this company once operated out of. Had no idea about them till I decided to Google the name that all the mail sent to my address was for and discovered many posts like this. Still receive dozens of cancellation letters and collections notices from debt companies in their name. Go figure.

    11 August 2014 at 14:19  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    That must be so annoying. You should be able to let the post office know they are not there now so that stuff doesn't keep getting delivered.

    11 August 2014 at 14:26  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    but I believed this put up used to be good. I do not recognise who you
    might be however definitely you're going to a famous blogger when you aren't already.


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    17 August 2014 at 13:24  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Hi, thanks, but I'm just another woman seeking justice. I hate 'parasites'.

    18 August 2014 at 09:09  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    14 December 2014 at 17:04  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Just got this e-mail which I will post here -
    Hi Sally,

    I absolutely love your pet portraits, but unfortunately I am contacting you direct because I find it impossible to publish my complaints about Jump-up Media on your Blog where I have found a forum for complaints. The last one was published December 2013, for some reason no- one has been able to enter a complaint since?

    I have contracted the Manchester Citizens Advice bureau as you advise, (an 03454.... , not 08454...) and we now have a case number. However I was subjected to a serious Scam, more than that, a demand for a highly inflated sum of money for no service, or a service which I cancelled a year ago, with Interest of 8.5% daily since 23rd September, when they say it was due. The same happened 6 moths ago, the guy frightened me so much then I paid up, now he is back for far more, trying again! If he has done this to me twice in the last 6 months, how many other small business people has he threatened and forced to pay him money?

    I have never had an Invoice, a statement of account, a bill or request for payment for services rendered. No printed terms of service, nothing in writing, ever.

    I contacted the Police after getting legal advice, who said it was a Scam, but there is nothing they can do unless I am physically threatened.

    I will tell you the whole story if you want to know, but this is a seriously criminally-minded company which should be closed down. I have spoken to my MP about getting legislation tightened up around business 'contracts' and communication with their business clients, but that all takes time.

    Best wishes,

    Caroline Bromley-Gardner,
    (contact details given but excluded from this post)

    14 December 2014 at 17:32  
    Blogger Unknown said...

    I cannot believe that this dreadful company has not been closed down. Complain to the Manchester Trading Authority and the Police. If enough people out there make a fuss maybe something will eventually be done. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN IN CHARGE. He will come back later and demand more money. Change your bank card, and when he rings you in 6 months time with threats, saying he is from the debt collection company, Do not pay, you do not owe him a penny.

    17 August 2015 at 18:47  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As of January 2016 this company (with number 01618500368 ) keeps ringing me, A LOT recently. I tried to ring back to get my number taken off their list, but the call automatically gets disconnected after one ring. I googled the phone number to find out who was calling and I am very surprised to find that it's a website advertising company as I don't even have a website anymore and when I did it never had my phone number on it! So, what are they even trying to sell me?
    They sure don't do their homework very well, and as I am also registered with the TPS have no business ringing me in the first place! It would say that as of Jan 2016 this company have still not learned their lesson. Sally thank you for posting this blog, and please don't give in to deleting it, as people like me really need to read this to be well-informed!

    7 January 2016 at 11:29  
    Blogger Sally T said...

    Thank you for the info. It would be worth while reporting them to the Telephone Preference people so they can fine the company. Every little bit helps.

    7 January 2016 at 15:55  
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