Monday 23 November 2009

Just one more.

cert_bannerNearly finished.  I've just completed a video course on using Spry assets.  I'm not sure I'll be going into such detail with them on my new site but at least I know what they can do and I'll probably use some of the more basic ones anyway.  I have one more video course I want to complete before I get down to the serious business of putting it all together and designing my new look web site.  That course is an in depth course on cascading style sheets.  If I get these sorted out right when I build the new site then looking after it and making changes in the future should be a piece of cake.  Unfortunately this is a really long course, 12 hours of it!  Fitting it all in will take a couple of week I imagine plus I'm definitely going to have to recap on a few of these tutorials.  I might just have to extend my membership to



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