Saturday 21 November 2009

Out with the Old

For any of you who have been following this blog, you might be wondering when my promised web site changes are going to happen.  Well, one thing I have learned from the training videos is that a web site has to work on paper long before anything is done on the computer.  I'm still at the ideas stage, plus there are a few more tutorials I want to get through.  One thing I have decided is that my logo, seen here, has to go.  These fritilarias are a left over from when I was a garden designer as well as photographer.  I never got around to creating a second logo for the photography side of things which was a big mistake.  I'm not sure yet what I shall use instead but I have some rough ideas floating around in my head.  A good logo is priceless but changing a logo, even if it's a bad one, is not a good idea as it is a major part of a companies branding.  If I'm to change it I will have to make sure it is worth while by coming up with something really good...Ideas on a postcard please" :-))

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