Tuesday 14 January 2014

Special Character Keyboard Shortcuts for a Mac Running Mavericks

Having recently converted to an iMac from a PC I have had to get used to using a completely new keyboard.  OK so the querty layout is the same but many of the other keys have been moved around.  Especially as I am using the Apple wireless keyboard which is a lot smaller than the standard keyboard and is missing a number pad.  When I used to use the PC keyboard I had a laminated chart of all the special character keyboard shortcuts, most of which utilised the num pad.  For me, being able to type the copyright sign © without calling up the Special Characters window and then scrolling through them until I find the one I want, was important, to use an example of just one.  So I did what most modern people do these days, I Googled it.  That was relatively successful but not completely.  Yes I did come across a number of sites where there were tables of all the special characters and their associated keyboard strokes but none of them were totally accurate.  The most accurate was this site http://www.forlang.wsu.edu/help/keyboards2.asp for the Language Learning Resource Centre.  There had been a recent operating system upgrade to Mavericks so I can only assume that certain shortcuts were changed during this upgrade.  Either that or the shortcuts are specific to the mini wireless keyboard.  As a result I set about creating my own table and I have published it here so that anyone who finds themselves looking for the same information will be able to find it here.  I hope it is of as much use to you as it is to me.


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